2 COIL albums are being remastered & "properly" re-released with NEW tracks added to each album!

topic posted Tue, May 9, 2006 - 10:59 PM by  Grant(yenpox...
Excellent news for all you COIL fans out there!
Last week Sleazy told me that Danny Hyde(former Coil member/producer) is with him now in Bangkok and together they plan on remastering COIL's "Black Antlers" and giving it a DELUXE "proper" release with new tracks added to it!

And he also plans on re-releasing a "proper" version of COIL's "Remote Viewer", which will also include a new "remix" of "Remote Viewer" that Sleazy has just finished.

He did say that "Remote Viewer" should be released in about a month.
No release date was given yet for "Black Antlers", as they are still working on the "new" tracks.

I for one, am VERY excited & am anxiously looking forward to these 2 albums being re-released.
Because IMO they are BOTH sweet albums, but somwhat under-rated. So NOW, they will finally have a proper release with NEW/REMIXED tracks added as well!
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  • SWEET!!! Thanks for the heads up on that Grant. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for them. NOW I'm glad that I waited for so long to pick up "Black Antlers". And very nice to know that Misters Sleazy & Hyde are working together again. Did Mr. Sleazy happen to mention any updated info on the COIL DVD(s) that I read about on the Threshhold House site? Can't wait for that! Also dying to hear any of the new Threshhold Houseboys Choir project. But for now I'm still enjoying the hell out of "Ape Of Naples".
    • Hey Bran, as for the COIL DVD box set (which will contain 10 DVD's), Sleazy doesn't have any set release date at all yet.
      But I DO have a feeling it'll be quite a while though before we'll be seeing them, as he's still working on editing the last few and such.
      And as for his new THBC project, Sleaz said that his full-length debut album, titled "Rampant", will not be released until the end of this year, around XMAS time or so.

      And yes; while I am looking fwd to the 2 new re-issued COIL albums(and the DVD box set), the Ape is still giving me a LOT of pleasure.
      In fact, it has NOT even left my 6-disc cd player since I got my copy back at XMAS time in 2005, despite the dozens of new cd's I've aquired since!

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